sure all of you know what is this.

so great they are!

I did try rollerblading for the first time with my friend and my lil bro recently.

great experience though.

I did fall for most of the time instead of being able to skate.
hi hi hi.
very nice experience.
learning to in-line skate.

and here's tips for me.

all pictures credit to Google (various websites).


AzrAIn@rAIn@azrinrasid said... Reply To This Comment

main ice skate pon lebih kurang camni la kan paan...beza nya bila jatuh xde la luka2...just basah2 je kan...ehehhe aku penah try ice skating...

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


aku xpenah try ice skating lg..tp sme je..bezanya atas ais je..jtuh still sakit.. haha XP