how are you..?
fine eh..? or even GREAT??!!

that's good!


I currently in a good condition..
just been thinking about the word 'Thank You'

is it really hard to say 'thank you' to a person who has helped you..?
I've met several people with this kind of attitude..
it's hard for them to even say 'thank you'...

as human, we need appreciation..
by saying 'thank you' it shows how we appreciate others..~

thank you for stopping by..~~

1904's lalala: is currently using Celcom Broadband...~~trying so hard to be really patient..~~~


1st and 2nd Day~


short entry only..

already settling down things needed..

quite satisfied for now..~


good luck to me!

1904's lalala: yeay....I can still get updated regarding Korean stuff..~ ^^




feel good to spend time with my precious..~

initially... we just planned to go out, eat and karaoke..~

but ended up

having McD

Prosperity Meal~~


oh, choc sundae! lovin' it!

crunchy curly fries..~~

it's double!


happy tummy!! ^^

off to seaside..~

nice view eh..~


they are my precious..~~


1904's lalala: gonna keep all those good memories in my memory box~~


Life is Good~~

Hello! Hello!!

hye every one~~
how are you..??
wish you all are fine, healthy and happy..!

I'm BACK!!
been busy lately..~

1) 6 days part-time job for a PC it Fair

1st day (been busy arranging all the comp stuffs)

venue for the PC it Fair..
still in progress..~

Day 2 - Day 5 (PC Fair)
promoting laptops and netbooks..
and I managed to get some sales..~
pheww...it was tiring..
standing all day long from 10 a.m to 11 p.m

Day 6 (keeping all the stuffs back into HQ store)

and check this out!!

the parcel that I've been waiting patiently..~~

let's see what's inside..~~~



my own copy of BLAQ STYLE - MBLAQ 1st ALBUM...


that 'M' bar code seriously attractive!!

CD, photocards, 'M' album casing

10 photo cards~~

nice right...??!!

last but not least....

my BLAQ STYLE poster..!

oh yes... introducing..~

blueberry and peanut dorayaki..~
very soft texture..~

i prefer peanut than blueberry one..~

and having the new pizza on the night before my working days..

garlic bread

new pizza (sorry..I totally forget the name of this pizza)
and it looks like a coin with a square hole in the middle..~

2) Preparing stuffs for posting..~
packing all the stuffs needed and off to Negeri Sembilan..

that's all for now..~

thank you for stopping by...~

take care!



1904's lalala: will tryto update more before 6th Feb 2011..~