T to the A to the G~~~


[1] 3 Names in your inbox cellphone
- Cik Cah
- Ibuku

[2] Your main ringtone?
- Love Like This by SS501

[3] What U did at 12 last night?
- watching We Got Married (Khuntoria), Star Golden Bell (SS501)

[4] Who was the last person U went out with? Where?
- my beloved mum. swimming pool.

[5] The color of T-shirt you're wearing now?
- Green, brown, black stripes (army style)

[6] The last thing you did?
- stretching

[7] 3 of your everyday favourite items?
- my spect
- my lappy
- my external hdd

[8] The color of your bedroom
- baby blue
[9] How much money in your wallet now?
- around 100..~~
[10] Your favourite song?
- Korean songs..(currently Kim Hyun Joong, SS501, 2PM, 2AM)

[11] What will you do next weekend?
- attending my friend's engagement ceremony

[12] When was the last time U saw Ur Mum?
- just now,before I went into my room

[13] Where is she now?
- in her room,sleeping~~

[14] When was the last time you talked to your parents?
- just now..before they sleep~

[15] Who is the last person that texted U?
- Zahira (the one who tagged me)

[16] Where did U have your dinner last night?
- at home..

[17] The last suprise you got?
- flood~
[18] Last thing U borrowed from ur friends?
- pillow and comforter (thanks to el)

[19] Who is ur BF/GF or husband/wife
- Kim Hyun Joong (la la la la la~~~)

[20] What do you feel now?
- Bored

[21] Wanna share with who?
- no body

[22] Who knows ur secret?
- myself

[23] They keep ur secret?
- of course!

[24] Are you angry with someone?
- Yes!!!

[25] What do you order at McD?
- Depends on my mood (Fillet O Fish, Big Mac, Apple Pie *a must* etc)

[26] The last time you felt so sad?
- last time I chatted with el about friendship..(i even cried)

[27] What is your wish for tomorrow?
- able to breathe and stay alive healthily

[28] Who will U tag next?
-who ever read this entry..~( must do! and inform me abt it)

psst: i'm totally bored!