1904's first trial~~

***Jangnanseureon KISS***
a.k.a Playful Kiss a.k.a Naughty Kiss a.k.a Mischievous Kiss

Baek Seung Jo look so cool here~~

peep..peep...I love the school uniform..~

I'm not going to review about this Korean drama what so ever..
so..don't get me wrong..~~

I was just sooo into this drama..
and even they come up with special webisodes on YouTube (YT)..

I've downloaded the videos..
but with no subtitle..
u can watch them with sub only at YT..

how am I going to watch the videos with subtitle instead of watching them on YT..??

hmm..~~let see...

do your own sub then~~
he he he he...

I downloaded software for subbing (subtitle workshop)
and installed it on my laptop...


start working~~

in progress...
setting the time and sub

in progress
checking the sub with the video...



end product...

the video has subtitle now..~~
(I'm doing this for my own used and pleasure..)

aigoo...I still have 6 videos to work with..~



aireeNaneza said... Reply To This Comment

wow....translating by ur own...fighting~!

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


actually i didn't do the translation..i just did the timing and creating the .srt file..that's all..~ i'm not even good in korean..~haha

thanks for dropping by and leave comment..~ :)