Date with someone special~~yeah!

oh yes..can't wait to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 today..~
and going with my special someone..~~ woot..woot!!

actually..I was quite disappointed yesterday when I found that the nearest cinema around my area is not going to show it today...so I have to go to another cinema that is quite far from my house..~
never mind..lucky I have my driving license! kya!! =)

pic credit to: http://tech2.in.com

and recently..my SIM card is INACTIVE in all off sudden!
haishh..love that number actually...not that number actually but because it is way cheaper using that number compared to other number..~~ LOL

and I ate this cute little dough recently..~~

Moshi..moshi my DONASHI..~~
from Big Apple..~

the plastic holder amazed me! LOL

zoom a little bit on each of donashi~

they are all cute aren't they..~
I ate 6 of them~~
and 11 pieces for rm11..~~