last two weeks..


hello friends.
thank you for stopping by~

I have been keeping this entry for two weeks I guess..

and here goes...

SUSHI time!!


yeap2!! sushi..sushi..


coconut tart

love it! ^^

and next day~~

on the way to Malacca.. we stopped at a restaurant.
I forgot the name of the restaurant already..~
isk3! short-term-memory-lost.

Nasi Arab.
It's not mine..
It's El's lunch! ^^

I've already have a plate of rice before going out.
and have this one...


and..that's it for now~
update later!

1904's lalala: more food to come~~ hihi




rise and shine!

Always love sundae!

sundae cone and apple pie!
perfect couple!

and this is a MUST every time I went to PD.

the lorry stated "steamboat"
but it's more like yong tau fu~~ ^^


I LIKE this one..~~ ^^

1904's lalala: eat. eat. eat.

After Ramadhan~~


hello. hello..!

thank you for stopping by~~
hope all of you are in great condition~ ^^
and happy as always!

well..after Ramadhan..it's Syawal..

poor my stomach..
I keep on eating again.


well..it's not really my favourite..
but I've been craving to eat rice..
no choice..
so just eat!

Nasi Lemak for two days in a row.

and yes. No more Nasi Lemak after this!

this one is great.
because it's free~~

Free Chicken Rice..~ haha :P

and yeah...it's been a long time since the last time I ate any Char Koay Teow

and this version is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the char koay teow I knew.

lucky it is still edible~ ^^

another "it's-been-a-while-food"

chicken burger!

the taste of the mayonnaise is a bit sour..
don't really fancy it..
it's just nice~~

last but not least..
my all time favourite..~

PAU! ^^


1904's lalala: it's all about food!! yes..I'll be back with more food...~~ hihi



pic credit to google

Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.

Ya, setibanya saya di rumah.
Saya mendapat berita tentang kematian yang sangat tragis!! T.T

Berlaku pada bulan Syawal.

Lihat! Akibat putus cinta, cicak ni buat keputusan untuk bunuh diri.

Dengan hasrat nak lemaskan diri dengan tisu.
tapi tak sempat.

Tengah dok gigit tisu, malaikat maut datang menjemput.~~

ok. Cerita tamat!

1904's lalala: hee..jangan marah~~ :P


A few days to be filled~


double GCB set for my lil' bro..
an apple pie and a choc sundae for me..

yes. I am a BIG FAN of choc sundae!
actually all types of ice cream will do!

oh yes...
been craving for this for a long time!
and finally..~~

Nasi Kandar + Ayam Madu + Acar Timun
of course it's from Yasmeen Nasi Kandar..hihi

only 4 days at Jitra..

and went back to N9..

yes! Saya Orang Jitra sticker at the back of my Mr.Chiver~

and I am not going to buy this any more..

too sweet for me..~

I met all my beloved people eventhough it was only for a few days~
oh PRECioUs!!

1904's lalala: ALHAMDULILLAH...reached N9 after 9 hours journey..~


At the end of Ramadhan


woah! It's been a while since the last time I posted an entry...

thank you for visiting my tiny zone here..~
wish you all happy and healthy.. ^^

I spent my last few days of Ramadhan with my family at my auntie's house..
My aunt kept asking what did I eat for breakfasting..?
I told her that most of the time I ate dates, breads with plain water~
and she was in disbelief and kept asking me what I want to eat..

and here we go..~~

a whole table full of food.


enjoy various food at the end of Ramadhan.


1904's lalala: RAMADHAN... miss u~~