After Ramadhan~~


hello. hello..!

thank you for stopping by~~
hope all of you are in great condition~ ^^
and happy as always!

well..after Ramadhan..it's Syawal..

poor my stomach..
I keep on eating again.


well..it's not really my favourite..
but I've been craving to eat rice..
no choice..
so just eat!

Nasi Lemak for two days in a row.

and yes. No more Nasi Lemak after this!

this one is great.
because it's free~~

Free Chicken Rice..~ haha :P

and yeah...it's been a long time since the last time I ate any Char Koay Teow

and this version is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the char koay teow I knew.

lucky it is still edible~ ^^

another "it's-been-a-while-food"

chicken burger!

the taste of the mayonnaise is a bit sour..
don't really fancy it..
it's just nice~~

last but not least..
my all time favourite..~

PAU! ^^


1904's lalala: it's all about food!! yes..I'll be back with more food...~~ hihi


l.a.d.y.b.o.s.s said... Reply To This Comment

OMG..everything bout food hah ;)
btw its look sooo yummmyyyy!

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

dha: yeazza!! all about food~~ ^^