Happening End of Year~

Hello! Hello!

31 12 2010

went to optometry to check out my eyes and and my spectacle..
and the result is..

my eyes are still in good condition and the spectacle still can be used~~
(yeay..no need to change any and that's mean no need money)

then...went to eat toasted twister with my beloved mom~~
(it's on my mom, again! hihi...mianhe omma)

could u all see the 'X' there..?
this toasted twister is made without honey mustard and mayo..~
we love it!

and then..
Rushed back~~
to get ready for our mini gathering at Secret Recipe..

I was having

Pecan Butterscotch and Long Jack Coffee (idk the correct name for the coffee I ordered as it was my 1st time! LOL)

woah!! look at the coffee...purely black!
and I was like 'drunk' a bit after drinking that..
coz it's really been a long time since the last time I have any coffee..~~hoho
and the reason why I am still wide awake at this hour (it's 0136)

YEAH!! I have a very NICE evening with them..~~


you guys really made my day!!!
can't stop laughing~~ :)
till we meet again, chingu!!!

oh yes..
i've been spending my night by watching 2010 KBS Drama Award live streaming from KBS able 2TV...
also..doing some chibi projects..~~
chatting and facebook-ing..~

just another year comes around..~

ping! ping! ping! : I am officially an EEL@CRI..~~ yeah!


Hello!! Hello!!

how's every one..??
hopefully you all are fine, healthy and happy..!!

it's raining for one whole day today..~
and it's cool~~

oh yes!!back to my entry.
It's Japanese word..~for little~

It's been a long time since I drew anything..~
and I seriously have no talent in drawing chibis before..
but last night..~
I was just doing some sketches..


check these out..~

step 1 : just using my 2B pencil~ sketching Mu Gyul's chibi based on my hp wallpaper~~

step 2: then..I used my black pen..~

step 3: using adobe photoshop cs3 for colouring..~
actually..it's my 1st time using photoshop for colouring~~

(end product)


my second chibi mu gyul..~~

3 steps same as the above..~

pencil sketch..~

black pen sketch..

end product!

yeay!! I have no idea that I can drew chibis..~ :P

I have two chibi Mu Gyul!! :)

that's all for now..~~

ping! ping! ping! : keep on listening to Marry Me Mary OST..~~ addicted to JGS voice!!


THE END~~~~~~~

~Maerinun Oebakjoong~


Marry Stayed Out All Night (MSOAN)


Marry Me Marry


Jang Geun Suk as Kang Mu Gyul
Moon Geun Young as Wi Mae Ri
Kim Jae Wook as Jung In
Kim Hyo Jin as Seo Jun

Oh..forgot to greet!
(super happy mode)

Hello! Hello!!
hope you all are happy and healthy!!
yeay!! I'm happy today..!

because of them!


Maeri and Mu Gyul..

this pic is taken in the beginning of the story..
look at them..~~


as time fly by..~~~

look at them now!

waahh..~~~they're even sharing ear-phone!


28122010...last episode of Maerinun Oebakjoong..
I watched it online from KBS 2TV website..
and for sure..no English Subtitle what so ever..
I just watched!! haha...
only understand a bit~~very little knowledge of Korean vocabulary..aigoo~~
but never mind..at least.. I knew how the end of it!


thank you scriptwriter...
u made me sad whole night last night..
but u managed to make me happy tonight!!

love it..!


ping! ping! ping! : keep on listening to Butakhae, My Bus..My Precious..Hello! Hello!..and I Will Promise You..over and over again!!!


1904's interest over make up..~

Hello! Hello!
(oh,I'm sad tonight because both Mu Gyul - Maeri sad)

hope you all are in good condition!
(just ignore my sad mood tonight)

Make up?
yes..I did put on some make up on my face~~
and my first ever client was my bestfriend, Miss Egie..~
I did her make-up for her engagement day...~
and HERE is the entry about that..~

Recently, I did make up for fun for my friend's sister~~
so happy that she loved it! :)

for your information..
I'm not really a girlish kind of girl..~
and when my friends found out that I'm into this make up thingy..~
they can't believe that's me..~ hihihi..
they all are like..."Is this really you..??since when..??"

and then..I explained to them..~
I just get super excited when I saw Cheondung (MBLAQ) eye make up in their 'Y' music video..~
I was like..~ OMO! fascinating!!!
at that time..I only have pencil eye liner and lip gloss..~
hoho..poor me.~

then..I start to buy little by little..~
and my beloved mom bought me eye shadow pallette..
Start to buy liquid eye liner, gel eye liner, mascara...etc..etc...
from only pencil eye liner and lip gloss..~~

here's my up date make up stuff..~~

I got Avon, Silkygirl, Elianto, Maybelline, Koi, In2It...

and recently bought these..~ Elianto eye shadow, brushes, eye liner and lip gloss...~

and I learnt make up via Youtube..!

and that's all for now..~

ping! ping! ping! : sad~~Mu Gyul and Maeri..please be good~~ aigoo..I missed cute acts from both of u..~~ last episode tomorrow..~ hoping for happy ending..~



hope every body is in a good condition..

I was browsing a Korean recipes' website last night..it's Maangchi..
and getting interested to do one of the recipe there..~

KIMCHIJEON a.k.a Kimchi pancake (lempeng kimchi)

as my mom made the kimchi superb hot..so, my kimchijeon turned out to be superb hot too.~~

ingredients: kimchi, flour, onion, sugar, salt, water

for more details please visit HERE.

waiting for the pancake...~~


super hot!!!

that's all for now..~


Kimchi Malaysia..~~

helo! helo!

entri kali ni nk guna BM..

sape kat sni sgt suka tgok drama Korea..?
suka dgar lagu2 Korea..?
nak pegi Korea..??
entri kali ni khas untuk anda..

sesape yg layan drama korea msti tau kan makanan Korea apa yg terkenal..

ok..mari belajar cara-cara membuat kimchi...

cara nak buat Kimchi ni senang je...

kobis cina..~~


kobis cina
serbuk cili
daun bawang
bawang putih

cara nak buat:

1) Basuh kobis cina sebersih2nya dan ptong kecik2 (senang nak makan) kalo nak besar2 mcm yg org Korea buat pon ok..pilihan di tangan anda..~~

2) masukkan kobis tadi dlm bekas pastu taburkan garam secukupnya. Masukkan air smpai sama paras ngan kobis td. pastu letakkan bekas yg berat mcm mangkuk kecik utk mampatkan kobis dlam bekas tu. simpan dlm peti ais utk semalaman.

3) keesokan harinya, tos kobis yang telah direndam semalaman tu. Ptong daun bawang (saiz agak2 sndiri je), tumbuk halia ngan bawang putih. Gaulkan dengan serbuk cili dan masukkan kobis yang da ditos tadi..jangan lupa masukkan gula dan garam secukupnya..~~ nak sedap sket..buh sos tiram..

siap digaul..!

4) simpan dalam bekas dan masukkan dalam peti ais. pastu leh makan.. kalo nk mkan trus pas da siap gaul pon boleh..

siap untuk dimakan..~~

selamat mencuba..!!

ping! ping! ping! : bahan2 tu sume ikut anggaran masing2 ye..~kalo nk resipi yg lebih tepat..tanya je kt google ahjussi..~~


(so into him right now)

hello, hello..!! :)
(OST for Maerinun Oebakjoong a.ka. Mary Stayed Out All Night a.k.a Marry Me Mary)

how's every one today..??
hope that every body is healthy and happy..~
as I am today...!! :)

oh yes..I've been busy lately..
swimming lessons with my friends..
spending time with family and friends...
watching K-dramas..
downloading K-dramas..
downloading K-dramas OST..
and bla..bla..bla..

I've been so into Marry Me Mary recently (till now)..
and watched an episode where Mary made kimchi for Mu Gyul's mom..
(actually I've watched a lot of K-dramas-kimchi-making-scene before)
I was like...OMO! I want to try and make some..~
why not..?

I googled the recipe and told my mom about it..
and surprisingly, my mom was like..
"It's easy! Tomorrow we go to the market and buy the ingredients needed..!"
(she's more excited than I am..LOL)

after 3 days..~~

I had a perfect dinner~~

ramyeon + kimchi + green tea = PERFECT!!

my mom's kimchi is superb HOT..!!!

super happy with the dinner..~~
and that's all for now..~~

take care!!
stay healthy and happy..!!

ping! ping! ping! : JGS..u r just irresistible ~~


searching for PC Depot...~~

Oh hello...!
hope every one is happy and healthy..~
(Thanks Allah. I'm getting much better today)

what is PC DEPOT..??
well..from the word PC u can guess what exactly it is right..?
it is a place for people to find computer stuff such as motherboard, processors, antivirus, hard drive, laptop, pendrive etc...etc...etc...

my lil brother keep on bugging me to bring him to PC Depot as he wants to buy things for his PC..

the best part is...I don't even have any idea where it is located (even though my bro did showed me the plan to go there)

and here's the plan..

on 21/12/2010..
I don't know what's got into me..
I suddenly asked my lil bro..

Me: Let's go to PC DEPOT..
Bro: For real??!!
Me: Yes..for real! but idk where is it..check out the plan again!
Bro: OK!

then..I told my mom that we're going to PC Depot..
and my mom came up with an idea..(*light bulb)

mom: why don't u called ur big bro..? He must knew where it is located!

without any further my mom called my big bro..
and passed the phone to me..

after a very short explanation (which I don't get any idea at all) I hanged up..

then I said..
Let's go..~~

the best part while searching for PC Depot...

went into wrong direction (based on my lil' bro's instinct-which-cannot-be-trusted-next-time)
been wondering around Alor Star with a lot of vehicles that time..
and finally..called my big bro for direction..~~

turn left, turn right and turn left...
go straight...and U-turn...
and turn left!

yeay!! we made it (I MADE IT!!)

we reached at PC Depot safely..
bought the thing he wants (I have to support half of the price coz he don't has enough money and I'm trying to be a good sister (hah??since when.??!!))

on the way back..
my mom called~ and asked where were we..
and my bro said that we're on the way back...

and when we reached home safely..
both my mom and dad were sitting on the bench in our car pouch..
and told the story about getting the direction to PC Depot..~

and as usual..my entry without my meals might be incomplete..~

and I have combo set of Crunchy Zinger otw back home with my bro..



and for dinner

my mom's special noodle..~

and overall..it was a nice experienced..!
searching for direction...
and I knew new directions at the same time..!

ping! ping! ping! : I am sooooo into Jang Geun Seuk!!!

what an achievement!!

Annyeong, every one..!
wah..it's been 4 days since the last day I updated my blog..~
been busy lately..

swimming lessons with my friends (Fit, Nadiah and Mora)
watching Mary Stayed Out All Night aka Marry me Mary..
downloading dramas and movies..
and bla..bla...bla..

and I just have no mood to write any!

I am so happy today...
because one of my friends, FIT...is able to SWIM..!!!
after 6 lessons..~
she finally able to swim!!!
SERIOUSLY...!! happy to see my friend that has no basic at all in swimming finally able to swim!!

things that I need to prepare:

cute books (for the stars as I promised)

to Nadiah and Mora...keep on swimming ya...~~

ping! ping! ping! : can't stop listening to Butakhae,My Bus and My Precious by Jang Geun Seok..!



Hye, everyone!
Hope you all are fine~~

I am officially sick today..
I have sore throat, cold and fever..~
complete package! (alhamdulillah..that's mean ALLAH loves me)

but then..
today's mission is COMPLETED!

what was the mission..??

spent half day at Cik Chah's house..
1) teach her how to print screen and capture pictures using GOM player and KMP player instead of using her mobile phone camera..
2) a make over for her daughter..~ (I forgot to snap her pictures) haha..

went back home with super sleepy eyes...~
slept like a baby..~
woke up and breathing through my mouth..!

that's for today!
thanks for stopping by..~~
take care and stay healthy ya every body!!

ping! ping! ping! : still in Marry me, Mary mode~~ (to zahira: I just love your BF as Mu Gyul..~) la la la~~



hello all...
hope every one is healthy~~
(I'm not feeling well right now..)

Went out with my friends this evening..
searching for our ex-classmates' wedding gifts..
the best part was...
we had a driver.. :)
thank you..~~

Hana(if u read this)..you should treat him next time..
and I still want you to pick me up next time..!

we managed to buy the gifts..
and can't wait to attend the ceremony this Saturday and next Saturday..~
must be like unplanned reunion..!

and vanilla ice cream for my throat..~~

it's not that good..~~
I just want McD sundae...
oh..McD sundae..I want u..~~

that's all for today..~

ping! ping! ping! : currently watching Marry me, Mary.. and still waiting..~


Swimming part 1

hye all..!
hope u r all fine and healthy as always..~

I'm not an expert swimmer or what..
I just want to share basic swimming skills that I know..

first thing first is breathing technique..

most of people tend to hold their breathe while swimming
(based on my observations in swimming pool that I went to)


the correct way of breathing while you are swimming is..

1) you need to INHALE through your mouth

2) EXHALE through your nose

ok...let's try now...

INHALE (mouth)...

EXHALE (nose)...

do these for 8 times..


when you are already in a swimming pool or river or lake or place with a lot of water...

try to do the same way as I stated above...

INHALE first...then when u r already in the water , EXHALE (nose)

INHALE (mouth) - your head is outside the water

EXHALE (nose) - while your head is in the water.. while doing this..u can see bubbles coming out from ur nose..

this breathing technique is also known as bubbling..

I do this for 16 times before I start swimming..
so...let's try..
hope this entry helps~

ping! ping! ping! : Happy bubbling..~ :)


Hey Mr.P...I just LOVE u!

hope every one is happy and healthy!

but first..please...

inhale and exhale...





:) a big clap for u..~ *clap!

my favourite place during holidays...

swimming pool..~
rm4 per entry..
from 9:30 am - 11:45 am..

wahhh!! I just love swimming a lot..!
thanks to Aunty Pakiam..the pool is clean~~

owh..the best lunch for today..
thanks to ibu!!

chicken soup for the soul...Oh absolutely not..
it's chicken soup for my empty stomach after swimming.. la la la~


a little bit of my mom's spaghetti

yeah..! personal cheezy lava pizza with super supreme topping

close up a bit.. can u see the cheezy lava there..~~nyumm!

a slice for my mom..another 3 slices for me! hoho.~~

chilli sauce on top with sprinkled cheese powder..! SUPERB NYUMMY!!

two glasses of this make my stomach full of gaseous..!
say NO to carbonated drinks..~
poor u tummy..~~

great day with great lunch! thanks ibu!!

ping! ping! ping! : Mr.P stand for Mr. PIZZA..
Sleep early..wake up early..~~ sweet dreams..~~


Hye everyone!
hope you all are happy and healthy..~~ :)

I was super tired yesterday and no internet connection at all..~
instead of updating my blog..
I slept early!
yeah!! finally....I slept early..!!! :)

~~early morning Rainbow~~

early in the morning...
went to hospital with my beloved ibu...(she has appointment)
we went to Star Parade...

my mom had sore throat for a few weeks already..
and according to one my lecturer, vanilla ice cream is the remedy for sore throat..

so, I told my mom to buy vanilla ice cream..
and my mom bought McD sundae!

yeay..! it's good for your throat... :)


we have our lunch..

chicken lasagne (according to the menu there) but I don't think this one is lasagne at all..
hmm..~ *this one is my mom's favourite..I don't really fancy this one.. I just don't really like the taste..~

Chicken Kebab..yes! this one is my favourite..!

close-up..chicken kebab...

we also went to Watson's...my mom's favourite shop.. LOL
I tested Majolica Majorca's Lip Gloss..and I loved it..
but I didn't buy it..no budget for make-up thingy..

with full stomach..
we went home..~ :)

I only bought my face toner..~

that's all...

ping! ping! ping! : I ignored my lappy for one whole day yesterday~



hello! hello! hello!
how's every body today..?
hope u r all fine and in a good mood..
and for those who are not...
cheer up ok!!

my day today is totally packed!

9:30 am - 11:00 am --------- swimming

11:00 am - 2:00 pm --------- shopping, lunch and dressed up

2:00 pm - 2:40 pm --------- picking up friends

3:10 pm - 5:00 pm --------- NARNIA 3D

5: 30 pm - 7:30 pm --------- hanging out, dinner, send friends home

now: update blog..~
later: movie and sleep...

i'm super tired right now..
i can't barely open my eyes right now..

and as usual..

i have this one as my dinner..~

cheese nan with tandoori chicken RM7.50...


aiya.! zac efron..how come u r so handsome in this movie??!!
charlie again..tonight!

that's all for now..~~

ping! ping! ping! : charlie st cloud obsession!!!!

This is just INSANE!

it's already 3:13 am..
and what did i do..?

oh sorry..hello!

this is just insane..!!!


I just watched Charlie St. Cloud..again!



I just wasted my credit tonight..! bad decision to do that phone call..!

oh..sorry Mr.Pillow, Mr.Bed and Ms.Comforter..I'm late again! =.='


btw: marry me,Mary is nice to watch!

CLICK HERE to download..

nighty nite...wait..it's morning already.! aigo..what's wrong me..?! isk3..~ go sleep!!




I just can't stop reading their entries..~~

1. http://theotherkhairul.blogspot.com/ (i adore his entries..~)


2. http://honeykoyuki.blogspot.com/(she's totally cute!)

spend my evening with the people I love..~
doing eye make-up tutorial..

try to sleep early..~


HSM 1.2.3

Time to watch HSM 1, 2 and 3..~~

update soon..
(mcm la ada org baca je blog ni)


A thinker..

the best movie I guess..
Didn't get the chance to watch it in cinema..
but at least I'm still able to get the chance to watch it anyway...

that's the movie I've watched!

and last but not least..

went out with my family this evening together with Cik Cah's family having dinner..

and I have crab fried rice.~

here it is..

nice one!

can u all see the crab shell on top of the rice..??

nothing much happen lately.
I'm still waiting..~~

that's for now..~

ping! : need to continue reading SNAP!