What did I do???..~

Annyeong haseyo...~

hye..hye..hye.. :)

happy feeling today and a bit tired (*as if I'm the driver..~~la la la~~*)

what did I do today..?

oh ho..for the very first time..
I did eye make-up for my friend...!
hoho..incredible..spectacular.! (what am I crapping about??aigoo.. @.@)

actually...I think I did a good job for her..
at least she is recognizable...hehehee..~~

wanna see her with my make up..??

here she is..!

simple eye make-up by me..~
thank you zirah for trusting me..~~

I also have this for my hi-tea (haha..hi tea konon!)

twister, lemon tea and blueberry tart...~

congratulation to Hazirah..can't wait to attend your wedding ceremony next year..

thank you to El for the ride..~~ :)

happy day oh! and congratz to me.~ la la la la~~

pssst: learnt make up from YouTUBE..~ :)


aimazaki said... Reply To This Comment

tingat paan make up kakma..ske sbb cntik sgt..like3x..x smpat nk ambik ilmu..heheh

Anonymous said... Reply To This Comment

aku pon tgh pening2 lalat g ni.. efek men hujan ngn hg smlm la. huk3

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

kak ma: pa'an tlg bubuhkan gel eye liner je..~~hoho..

el: pening2 lalat..??lalat jenis apakah..??haha