Happening End of Year~

Hello! Hello!

31 12 2010

went to optometry to check out my eyes and and my spectacle..
and the result is..

my eyes are still in good condition and the spectacle still can be used~~
(yeay..no need to change any and that's mean no need money)

then...went to eat toasted twister with my beloved mom~~
(it's on my mom, again! hihi...mianhe omma)

could u all see the 'X' there..?
this toasted twister is made without honey mustard and mayo..~
we love it!

and then..
Rushed back~~
to get ready for our mini gathering at Secret Recipe..

I was having

Pecan Butterscotch and Long Jack Coffee (idk the correct name for the coffee I ordered as it was my 1st time! LOL)

woah!! look at the coffee...purely black!
and I was like 'drunk' a bit after drinking that..
coz it's really been a long time since the last time I have any coffee..~~hoho
and the reason why I am still wide awake at this hour (it's 0136)

YEAH!! I have a very NICE evening with them..~~


you guys really made my day!!!
can't stop laughing~~ :)
till we meet again, chingu!!!

oh yes..
i've been spending my night by watching 2010 KBS Drama Award live streaming from KBS able 2TV...
also..doing some chibi projects..~~
chatting and facebook-ing..~

just another year comes around..~

ping! ping! ping! : I am officially an EEL@CRI..~~ yeah!


Ayu~Emma said... Reply To This Comment

wah...so gr8 ^^
I didn't watch kbs drama award =.= cz eonnie went to my fren's house. But geungeun couple won aye?? best2 ^^

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

yeah..they won couple award..
geun seuk won netizen award..
and geun young won excellent actress award...~~