Hye everyone!
hope you all are happy and healthy..~~ :)

I was super tired yesterday and no internet connection at all..~
instead of updating my blog..
I slept early!
yeah!! finally....I slept early..!!! :)

~~early morning Rainbow~~

early in the morning...
went to hospital with my beloved ibu...(she has appointment)
we went to Star Parade...

my mom had sore throat for a few weeks already..
and according to one my lecturer, vanilla ice cream is the remedy for sore throat..

so, I told my mom to buy vanilla ice cream..
and my mom bought McD sundae!

yeay..! it's good for your throat... :)


we have our lunch..

chicken lasagne (according to the menu there) but I don't think this one is lasagne at all..
hmm..~ *this one is my mom's favourite..I don't really fancy this one.. I just don't really like the taste..~

Chicken Kebab..yes! this one is my favourite..!

close-up..chicken kebab...

we also went to Watson's...my mom's favourite shop.. LOL
I tested Majolica Majorca's Lip Gloss..and I loved it..
but I didn't buy it..no budget for make-up thingy..

with full stomach..
we went home..~ :)

I only bought my face toner..~

that's all...

ping! ping! ping! : I ignored my lappy for one whole day yesterday~