searching for PC Depot...~~

Oh hello...!
hope every one is happy and healthy..~
(Thanks Allah. I'm getting much better today)

what is PC DEPOT..??
well..from the word PC u can guess what exactly it is right..?
it is a place for people to find computer stuff such as motherboard, processors, antivirus, hard drive, laptop, pendrive etc...etc...etc...

my lil brother keep on bugging me to bring him to PC Depot as he wants to buy things for his PC..

the best part is...I don't even have any idea where it is located (even though my bro did showed me the plan to go there)

and here's the plan..

on 21/12/2010..
I don't know what's got into me..
I suddenly asked my lil bro..

Me: Let's go to PC DEPOT..
Bro: For real??!!
Me: Yes..for real! but idk where is it..check out the plan again!
Bro: OK!

then..I told my mom that we're going to PC Depot..
and my mom came up with an idea..(*light bulb)

mom: why don't u called ur big bro..? He must knew where it is located!

without any further my mom called my big bro..
and passed the phone to me..

after a very short explanation (which I don't get any idea at all) I hanged up..

then I said..
Let's go..~~

the best part while searching for PC Depot...

went into wrong direction (based on my lil' bro's instinct-which-cannot-be-trusted-next-time)
been wondering around Alor Star with a lot of vehicles that time..
and finally..called my big bro for direction..~~

turn left, turn right and turn left...
go straight...and U-turn...
and turn left!

yeay!! we made it (I MADE IT!!)

we reached at PC Depot safely..
bought the thing he wants (I have to support half of the price coz he don't has enough money and I'm trying to be a good sister (hah??since when.??!!))

on the way back..
my mom called~ and asked where were we..
and my bro said that we're on the way back...

and when we reached home safely..
both my mom and dad were sitting on the bench in our car pouch..
and told the story about getting the direction to PC Depot..~

and as usual..my entry without my meals might be incomplete..~

and I have combo set of Crunchy Zinger otw back home with my bro..



and for dinner

my mom's special noodle..~

and overall..it was a nice experienced..!
searching for direction...
and I knew new directions at the same time..!

ping! ping! ping! : I am sooooo into Jang Geun Seuk!!!