LIFE >> Second Chance??

Hello everyone....

I just watched a movie tonight..
and it reminds me of my mom..

oh..back to the movie I've watched...

Charlie St.Cloud..

It is a great movie..seriously..
from my own point of view..

There will be always a reason why we have been given second chance in our life..
as Charlie can't accept the fact his brother, Sam died..he didn't take the chance to further his study..
he stayed at the graveyard and played with Sam every evening as he promised..
until he finally realized that he has to save Tess and he knew that saving her is the reason why he is the second chance to live...

why I said earlier that this story reminds me of mom..?

back in 2007..
my mom went through a major surgery due to cerebral aneurysms..
cerebral here mean her brain..
yes..my mom had her skull opened!
and I was not there during the surgery..

I can't sleep all night..
all I can do that time was keep on praying...

and thank to Allah the Almighty..
she was given a second chance to live..~
I think she is pure like a new born baby..
I'm so grateful that she's been living healthily..
yet there are people who bad-mouthing about her..
I don't understand these people..
as if they pray for my mom to just DIE..
sorry to say this...
but I really wish..those people get sick or something bad happen to them!

I just want to be a great daughter to her..
I will try my best to make her happy..
I do not want her to be sad..
I just want to make her PROUD for having me as her daughter..

thank you IBU..
your determination to keep on moving and get back on your feet really makes me SALUTE u!

oh..sorry for a very long post~~

So, we are given second chance to take the risk to move on..~

psst: I LOVE my mom soo much! trying hard to be a good daughter to her..~


Tomato Gurl's Life said... Reply To This Comment

cik tom dah pernah tgk cerita ni..best..tp rs best sbb ade zac efron..huhu..

be a good daughter yup dear :)

p/s; seminggu cik tom tak online..skang sesi balas jejak entry+komen :)

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

cik tom: terima kasih cik tom dtg singgah zon sy..~~

ha'ah..cik tom x online smggu..tp cik tom tggalkan byk tips yg best! :)

clarisetan said... Reply To This Comment

is it a great movie jie? coz some reviews says that its not a good movie

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

it's not that great...but it's good..~~ in my opinion it is..as i'm not that expert in reviewing movies or what...try watch it yourself..~~and see how's the movie..for me..it's good..~ :)