(so into him right now)

hello, hello..!! :)
(OST for Maerinun Oebakjoong a.ka. Mary Stayed Out All Night a.k.a Marry Me Mary)

how's every one today..??
hope that every body is healthy and happy..~
as I am today...!! :)

oh yes..I've been busy lately..
swimming lessons with my friends..
spending time with family and friends...
watching K-dramas..
downloading K-dramas..
downloading K-dramas OST..
and bla..bla..bla..

I've been so into Marry Me Mary recently (till now)..
and watched an episode where Mary made kimchi for Mu Gyul's mom..
(actually I've watched a lot of K-dramas-kimchi-making-scene before)
I was like...OMO! I want to try and make some..~
why not..?

I googled the recipe and told my mom about it..
and surprisingly, my mom was like..
"It's easy! Tomorrow we go to the market and buy the ingredients needed..!"
(she's more excited than I am..LOL)

after 3 days..~~

I had a perfect dinner~~

ramyeon + kimchi + green tea = PERFECT!!

my mom's kimchi is superb HOT..!!!

super happy with the dinner..~~
and that's all for now..~~

take care!!
stay healthy and happy..!!

ping! ping! ping! : JGS..u r just irresistible ~~