Swimming part 1

hye all..!
hope u r all fine and healthy as always..~

I'm not an expert swimmer or what..
I just want to share basic swimming skills that I know..

first thing first is breathing technique..

most of people tend to hold their breathe while swimming
(based on my observations in swimming pool that I went to)


the correct way of breathing while you are swimming is..

1) you need to INHALE through your mouth

2) EXHALE through your nose

ok...let's try now...

INHALE (mouth)...

EXHALE (nose)...

do these for 8 times..


when you are already in a swimming pool or river or lake or place with a lot of water...

try to do the same way as I stated above...

INHALE first...then when u r already in the water , EXHALE (nose)

INHALE (mouth) - your head is outside the water

EXHALE (nose) - while your head is in the water.. while doing this..u can see bubbles coming out from ur nose..

this breathing technique is also known as bubbling..

I do this for 16 times before I start swimming..
so...let's try..
hope this entry helps~

ping! ping! ping! : Happy bubbling..~ :)


elly_yana27 said... Reply To This Comment

aku wat xbley pon.. aih. bila msuk ja lam ayaq, mula gabra cam biawak

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


boleh la..tu la kena rileks..yg hg pi jd biawak tu sapa sruh..?