A few days to be filled~


double GCB set for my lil' bro..
an apple pie and a choc sundae for me..

yes. I am a BIG FAN of choc sundae!
actually all types of ice cream will do!

oh yes...
been craving for this for a long time!
and finally..~~

Nasi Kandar + Ayam Madu + Acar Timun
of course it's from Yasmeen Nasi Kandar..hihi

only 4 days at Jitra..

and went back to N9..

yes! Saya Orang Jitra sticker at the back of my Mr.Chiver~

and I am not going to buy this any more..

too sweet for me..~

I met all my beloved people eventhough it was only for a few days~
oh PRECioUs!!

1904's lalala: ALHAMDULILLAH...reached N9 after 9 hours journey..~