1904's Collection Part 1

to be honest..I am NOT a big fan of gundam anime...
I've only watched one or two episodes of it..
and I seriously have NO ideas about the characters and so on..


I'm SOOOOO into Gundam Action Figures...



it's a birthday present from my bestfriend (Kakak Fyza)
thank you so much!!!!
my 1st ever Gundam Action Figure..~~
cute and small...
having so much fun doing this even it only has a few parts to be joined...


okay...this one is also my birthday present..
from my bestfriend too (chingu ya~)
thank you!!!!
this one could transformed into jet..
very nice and I seriously enjoyed myself joining all parts together..
I didn't sleep all night long because I was totally into it..!


I bought this right after got my allowance..ha ha ha
this one is the biggest (in my collection)
It has a lot of parts to be joined..(the more the merrier)
and a lot of super cute accessories.. hi hi hi


This one is quite special..
came straight from Japan..
thanks to my friend (Anis)
It is also a present given to me..~


oh yes..almost forgot about this one..
I bought this as a present to myself..~

1904's collection part 2 coming soon..~~