Instant pizza. it isn't that bad~ ^^

I bought instant pizza for the first time.
as I don't have any oven, and sadly my electric multicooker is already R.I.P,
I used my rice cooker to heat the pizza..

and here it goes... (before it rest peacefully in my empty stomach)
hee~ XP

it's Hawaiian Chicken topping.

with chilli sauce of course!



and yesterday I went to night market with Adnin and Kak Aidil..

was craving for Nasi Kerabu.

he he he 
I have two fried fishes!!

and it was AWESOME!!

Alhamdulillah~ ^^


LynnDamya said... Reply To This Comment

ok, menyesal dtg sini tym lunch sbb belom makan. Btw, mesti u rse pelik kan tbe2 i dtg sini komen banyak pulak, haha act i dtg sini sbb i nk review blog followers i & u one of lucky follower yg i select...so, wait for my new entry yg akan promote blog u dan kawan2 yg lain :) free singgah blog sy juga ye, take care (n_n)

[PaaN1904] said... Reply To This Comment


haha..blog ni mmg bahaya utk org2 yg lapar.. XP

btw, thanks a lot!
tak sgka plak bertuah! ^^
slalu je singgah your blog.. :)
take care too..!!