FOOD FIESTA 3rd Edition!!!


REMINDER: This entry contains images that may cause you to feel hungry even though you have eaten. DO NOT review if you can not stand the temptation..~ ^^

Oh yes...to all food lovers...
1904's food fiesta has come up with the third edition..~~ hihi..

I live 'alone' in Negeri Sembilan..
and I seriously miss my mom's cooking the most!!
and of course..my favourite dish of all..

I reached home at 6 p.m on 27th May 2011..
chatting and resting for a while..
and then..checked out what is under the 'tudung saji'


yes! 'sambal ikan cili api with terung telunjuk'
without further a do...

tempoyak with sambal.
oh yes!!
heaven!!! ^^
eating quietly as I enjoying the taste of tempoyak colek...

bought this at RnR TAPAH..
it's must to have this!
croissant smoked chicken breast from Dunkin Donut..

off to Penang with my beloved mom and dad..
went to Queensbay..

and I ate this sushi set..
I thought it was only a set of sushi..
instead of sushi alone..

here is the real sushi set..
I was like..?? Ya Allah...how on earth am I going to finish all these things!
'membazir amalan syaitan' so...I did eat them all~~
and super full!!!

one day with my mom at McDonald's

complete lunch! hihi..apple pie, fillet o fish and sundae~~

the BEST and MEMORABLE Breakfast!!!
because I was having it with my bestfriend..

we were having the same menu..
which was..

aiyak..'nama pa xtau menu ni'
seriously..nice..English breakfast..haha :P

before that..

cekodok pisang!!! ^^ cute and delicious!!

and this three layer tea..

nice ^^

dear fitton..please bring me to have breakfast at that kopitiam again ya next time! ^^

oh yes..been craving for sushi...
and here we go..


chocolate luv...yes..I love this! ^^

snow..what ya this thing punya nama..haishh..!
short-term-memory already..

then..my 2 weeks holidays end..~
back to Negeri Sembilan..

white chocolate and chocolate..got them for free..
and it's nice!

it's fried rice cooked by mak cik kantin.. ^^

made by makcik kantin..

and all of the above made by makcik kantin..~

two days after holidays..
I have been asked to go to Malacca..

free meals for three days and two nights..

breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner..supper I forgot to take pictures.hihi..

that programme was held in Malacca..

and of course..
met Kak Ma there..

friday night with Kak Ma..
we ate chicken chop and Teh Tarik..
*there is a story behind this dinner*

and I don't know what's wrong with me..
feeling hungry again~

so..I bought

hot Milo, corn in a cup and 1901 hot dog..

1st time eating 1901 hot dog..it was not that bad.. ^^

saturday afternoon..

nasi kandar..~ I still like Nasi Kandar Yasmeen at Jitra than this one..

and gelato fruity..mine is choc..the other one belongs to Leen..
I LOVE it!!! taste sooooooo good!!!

oh yes..on Saturday evening.
we accidentally have a small reunion.
it was totally unplanned..

so..at night we went to Jusco Bandaraya Melaka
to have our dinner..

mardiah's chinese fried rice..~

leen's sizzling noodle..

Kak Ma and El were having the same meal..
and I don't know what is it...chicken fried rice in a small wok I guess..haha

while mine is Spaghetti.. ^^

with Hot Milo (sponsored by Mardiah) thanks Mar..~

sunday afternoon..

we went to Nasi Beriani Restaurant..

seriously delicious.. rm6 per set...

asam boi drink~ ^^

back to N9..

23rd June 2011
after being interviewed..

me and my new friend Ashikin
went to McD..

big breakfast for her..


pancakes set for me..

^^ parapppapapaa... I'm Lovin' It!

after interview..that weekend..
went to meet El..
Kak Amy brought me there..~ ^^

aiya! I forgot to take pictures..
we had such splendid dinner..
with yong tau fu and el's cucoq! ish2!
my mistake~

never mind la..
then on Saturday afternoon..
Kak Amy brought us to i-City..
On the way..
we stopped for a while.. and have


and LIME sundae~~


while on Sunday afternoon..
we went to Jusco Seremban 2..

on the way..
I ate two ice-creams..hihi..
lucky I am not the driver..haha

and I have this for lunch

grilled chicken..and I don't know why it did not taste as good as 1st time I have it..

Nasi putih with sambal ikan keli with a little bit of kangkung and peria..
I feel so good..~

next day..
OLE pocketful set..

choc peanut butter waffle

this one is so-so...
LEOMAG is still the BEST..

on friday evening..
went to Kuala Pilah night market..

well..my favourite Nasi Kerabu...

crispy apam balik

and a must have taufufa

yeah!!my favourite!!

Saturday afternoon..
free lunch at GB's house..

sunday's dinner..
just chocolate biscuits..

last night dinner..~

chicken burger

having these two first while watching football match
Malaysia vs Taiwan

kaya ball

cucoq udang and popia goreng..

end of food fiesta 3rd edition..~~

1904's lalala: fuhh..such a great challenge for me to finish this entry as I am fasting at the same time...

ALHAMDULILLAH..~~thanks ALLAH for every single thing..~ ^^


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