do we have to have a plan..?

oh hello!

no mood to even update my blog for the whole week..

last weekend..~
I only stayed at home for one whole day on Saturday..
and on Sunday..
I HAVE to go out!
no matter what.. I HAVE TO!!

and I just called my best buddy... EL..
and yeap..we went out together..

our destination..~

Seremban 2..
Jusco Seremban 2..

it was Sunday..
so...a lot of cars..~
and less parking lot for us..

at last..we went to rooftop parking lot.
and yeah..we managed to park! finally..~~ pheww..~

we headed to food court because EL was super starving...

EL's..~ grilled chicken with mixed mushroom and blackpepper sauce.~

I just had my breakfast but still...
I ordered..

home-made chicken burger..~
not bad~~ ^^ kinda like it..!

and then...~
we walked around~~
we chatted...

and I bought..

each-a-cup...chocolate oreo...

hmm~~love both this one and also Cool Blog choc oreo..~hihi

before going back..~

we stopped at Secret Recipe..
thanks to EL..
I finally have a slice of cake for my birthday! ^^

choc chip walnut..
I want Pecan Butterscotch..but...it's not available that day..~ T.T..

and El's cake..~

reached home around 8.00 p.m.~
tired but happy! ^^

1904's lalala: I don't think I need a plan~ :P