Kang Mu Gyul...~~

Mu Gyul and Maeri ...making kimchi..~~
my fav scene! ^^

^^ love both of them!!

all these pics can be found in this essay photobook..~~

free card holder..~ ^^

straight from korea~~ ^^ to me..~

cover with card holder..~~


back to Mu Gyul again~~


to my mom..~~
I got your parcel and I already hanged the curtain..! ^^

my OWN curtain..~~

yellow curtain..? naah!! not for my door..!


1904's lalala: trying to be hardworking..~~ fighting!!


Ayu~Emma said... Reply To This Comment

I miss Mu Gyul! ^^ nice la photobook. ur mom is nice too..sent curtains. back then, I had to cover my windows with newspapers only =.=

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


me too eonnie..miss him! lucky I have that photobook..I can look at him anytime I want w/out have to switch on my lappy...

actually..my door has the same yellow curtain..but it's 'her' curtain..
my mom asked me to change the curtain...so she sent me one! ^^
aiyak...only newspaper..?

Cekodok Pisang said... Reply To This Comment


tulun jahit langsir bru utk saya...saya bosan ngan kaler biru

Ayu~Emma said... Reply To This Comment


yup, only newspaper but only for awhile..then got another room x)

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

@Cekodok Pisang

ceq x amik tempahan jahit langsir..~~ haha

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


waahh..!! new room is way better than newspaper curtain..hihi