woke up early...
cooked for breakfast and lunch....


having "KAYA PAU"..~~

cute kaya pau...and it's tasty..!! ^^

I LOVE YOU electric cooker..
I should name you..~~
let me think first~~~

any idea..??
can't even think right now..~~
super sleepy! O.0~~

and simple menu for lunch...

chillied fried chicken with potatoes..~~

stayed in the house... alone..
yet...super HAPPY..! ^^

1904's lalala: think for the best name for my electric cooker.... hmm~~~ ZZzzzZZzz


izuan said... Reply To This Comment

already got myself a gas stove and a rice cooker but your electric one makes me want to get one too! (so I too can make pau for breakfast :))

tcerHana said... Reply To This Comment

tiap kali blogwalking sini sure rasaa lapaaaq!! kejam ang paan! wey bla blk jitra? rindu ;'(

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

@izuan: if u already have a gas stove,there's no need for u to buy one..unless u hv none.. But seriously,that electric cooker is fascinating..hehe..

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

@hana: makanan xsedap mna pn stil rs lapaq ka.?hehe..cti bln 5nt ak blik..hg amek ak kt umah eh..hehehe..