[1904's REVIEW] : Lip Balm

Hello! Hello!

how are you today..?
hope you are in good condition, happy and healthy..~~ :)

I just want to share one of my most favourite cosmetic products..
which is LIP BALM..~

here it is:

Bioglo Perfecting Lip Balm..

see the word 'Perfecting' there..?

YES! this lip balm is really good in perfecting my lips..

I never have any lips problems before..
until one day..
my lips became so dry and hurt so much..
I don't know what's happening actually...
then..my mom suggested this lip balm...

after using it for about three days..
my lips is back to normal and even better!
this lip balm seriously cured my lips!
if you have dry lips or want beautiful and sexy lips..
try this one~~ :)
it helps me..~ and maybe it might helps u..~ :)

and I have been using it every night and before I put on my lipstick or lipgloss..~

that's all for now~~

take care and annyeong!!

1904's lalala: u can find this Bioglo Perfecting Lip Balm at Cosway...~~


SkinMDNatural.com said... Reply To This Comment

Thank for sharing!

As I am an eco-friendly person I love everything homemade! I would honestly recommend to try Homemade Cranberry Lip Balm.


[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


welcome!! oh...I'll check it out!