Just another day in a year..~

Hello! Hello!

hope every one is happy and healthy!! :)

first of all..look at the picture below carefully..and tell me what you can see..??

take a good look at it~~~

I went out to Star Parade with Maisa...~~ :)
because she wants to eat prosperity burger..~
while I was just having these..~~

my favourite apple pie~~


chocolate sundae..~ waahh..refreshing!!
I just love sundae!! nyum..~~nyum..~~

then..accompanied Maisa shopping for her stuffs..~~

and I ended up buying these..~~

It's good for your intestine..~~

Looks like hamster's food..~~haha...!!

and look what I found!

yeah..!! Kimchi Ramyeon..!!
and it's HALAL..~~

just another day in a year..~~


1904's lalala: omo..~~ I miss KMG soo much!!


elly_yana27 said... Reply To This Comment

nmpk pa weh??

Ayu~Emma said... Reply To This Comment

lol..I click on da pic..I saw a chicken??rooster?? x) how come??

cereal..looks yummy..but yeah..I got hamsters and it looks like my hamsters' foods..nvr mind..^

btw, I miss KMG too =.=

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


tgok btol2~~

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

@onnie: yeah!! that's right!! it's a chicken.. haha!!

hihi..lucky its yummy..~~ :)