Random Days..~~


I was just staying at home today..
downloading K-drama..
downloading MVs..
listening to KMG songs (MSOAN OST)

today entry is about random days I went through..~~

December 2010...

went to McD with my dad, mom and lil bro..
three of us were having prosperity burger set..while my mon was having fillet o' fish set..

then...renewed my driving license..

prosperous prosperity burger..~~nyummy..~~

on the next day...

this cute car tires need to be replaced..
new year new tires..~~ :)

and also..~~

ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!


listening to JGS...again and again..~~
How I missed KMG and WMR...

1904's lalala: K-pop photoshoot tomorrow..?? can't wait!


Nurzahira said... Reply To This Comment

blog u byk mknn...
u wat i lpar n rndu suma2 mknn tu

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

hoho..!! i kan mmg suka makan..~~ :)

Nurzahira said... Reply To This Comment

mee too...
well....sgt sdp okay

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

yeap3!! :) jom kita gi mkn~~ :) just set the date!

Ayu~Emma said... Reply To This Comment

best tu.. eonnie mkn prosperity burger mlm new yr ngn kawan x) tp skg cm dh kecik skit..dlu mkn lmbt gle hbs..haha
wah,rajin la paan update blog..best2..eonnie suke bace ^^

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


tu la onnie..~~skrg ni sume da mkin mengecil..harga maintain..haishh.!!
xde keje..tu yg update..~~
trimas sudi singgah n baca blog paan.. :)