Love it!!

Hello! Annyeong~~

wish you all happy and healthy..!!!

I was just super happy today..!!



because of this~~


here it is!!

2011 Calendar..
look at that..!! Mu Gyul, Maeri, Jung In and Seo Jun!!!

love this kimchi ramyeon...

instant kimchi ramyeon with my mom's kimchi..!

and before that..

I already have these..~~

this one - Horn..~with cream inside and cheese..
one of my favourite from Nash..~

Tuna Pizza..~

Blueberry~~ my mom's favourite from Nash..

Choc-peanut..~~ I love this one too..!!!

I also can't get over cute stuffs lately..~~

I bought this cute book~

I haven't write anything yet..!
I don't know why I bought it..
maybe just because it's cute!

and cute stickers from Korea..~

cute..! cute..! cute!!

I ate a lot hah..?!! haha..
don't care about that..!
as long as I'm happy.!!

that's all for now..

Take care..~~


1904's lalala: love cute things soooo much... neomu neumo johwa!!!


AzrAIn@rAIn@azrinrasid said... Reply To This Comment

paan....banyak nye makanan...ko suka buat aku kelaparan...waaaaaa

tp aku xleh ikut nafsu dah skang ni...mak aku dah bising berat aku naik lagi....

elly_yana27 said... Reply To This Comment

cun giler ah sticker tu
aku bekenan

Ayu~Emma said... Reply To This Comment

ok jeles.. where did u gt dat calender?? how much!!! I WANT!!! hahaha..

zatil said... Reply To This Comment

Sedapnye....kak yang kena diet lorr...

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment

@azrin : hihi..~~blog ak ni xseswai utk org lapar..sb akan btkan org bertmnbh lapar..~

@ el: yeap2!! sticker tu sgt2 chumel..!!

@onnie: buy epop...cover page is beast.~~ rm7:50

@kak ayang: nnt da diet..leh la makan.. :) hihi