WARNING: This entry contain pictures that are NOT suitable for 'craving' and 'hungry' people~

Hello~ Hello~~

Hye to every single person who read this entry..~~

(I don't know why, I feel a bit gloomy tonight...and it's raining right now~~)

Oh yeah..just ignore my mood!

I had my revenge today!!
(so disappointed yesterday because of Mr.Burger) haha

and today..~~

I went to McD again!!
and have these..~~~

kyaa!!!! REVENGE!! REVENGE!!!!

let's take a look..~~

my lunch~~

start with..

my favourite cone sundae..~~
one for me and one for my mom..~~ :)

here comes~~

Mr.BIG MAC in his box..~~

Mr.BIG MAC ready to be eaten!! kyaa!! :P

last but not least..~~

Miss Apple Pie..~~ yeap3!! my favourite!!

and my mom had these..

"to dip or not to dip" I LIKE that quote! :P

chicken nuggets..~~before going into my mom's tummy..~

and this

fresh peach~~

My mom chose to have Happy Meal for her lunch..

it comes with a toy..~~

Cute toy! it's a stampede actually..cute hah..? RABBIT again! :)

funny story behind this cute toy..
the girl at the counter asked me..
Girl: "Girl's toy or boy's toy..?"
me: ........?? (kinda blur for a while)
Girl: "Girl's toy or boy's toy..?" (for the 2nd time)
me: Aaahh..Oh,yes...Girl's toy...(I just remembered that happy meal comes with a toy~~) :P

and my tummy is HAPPY..!!!! :)

went into Speedy..~
and I don't know why..
I just bought a DVD..~~

haha..here it is..~

the box~~


*I am not really into A.N. Jell..but why did I buy this DVD..??*
haha..! :P

oh yeah.!! my best buddy, Miss Egie came to my house!!
chatting for a while..~~ and yeah..I really miss her and my friends..~

and before she went back (she has appointment)..
I checked out the DVD that I bought...
I ended-up watching that DVD and let my friend chatting with my mom..haha..!

then..went to swimming pool..
20 laps as usual..~~

and have this

small pizza and a small choc bun and also a plate of "nasi tomato"~~

woahh..~~~Full day eating various food..!!

that's all for now..~~
take care ya!!
stay happy and healthy..!! :)


1904's lalala: going to watch that DVD and continue with the drama later..~~~ :)
yeah!!! (now playing Butakhae, My Bus...OMO!! I MISSED KANG MU GYUL!!)


tcerHana said... Reply To This Comment

aarrgghhh ni meluat blogwalking belog ang ni paan!! buat aku LAPAQ jaaa!! lapaq mekdi terok dh niiii! huwaaaaaaaa T_____T

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


oh..ak lupa nk tulih warning!!
blog ini tidak seswai utk org lapar..~

Nurzahira said... Reply To This Comment

babes..dvd tu crita ke TMO je???

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


TMO shj