Chapati Kimchi Roll..?

Hello! Hello!

How are you..?
How's your day..?
Hopefully you all have a great day~
remain healthy and happy..~

I've been M.I.A for last 5 days I guess..
I just want to have my 'ALONE' time..
been hibernating in my room~
yeap2!! hibernating~ hoho..
and I even lost interest to talk.. hoh..?!

ok then..~
have u ever heard of chapati..?
yes..? good!

have u ever heard of kimchi..?
of course~ since I did an entry about kimchi before..~

how about Chapati Kimchi Roll..?

never heard of that..??

let me introduce...~~
my-own-fusion-meal.. haha!

Chapati Kimchi Roll..


1) Instant chapati which u can buy from various supermarkets..
2) Kimchi (hmm..it's hard to find in Malaysia..make it by yourself..it's easy~) (which I can find easily in my refrigerator.. hihi)
3) a bit of fried fish fillet (isi ikan goreng-bunyi hebat giler..fried fish fillet LOL)

all three ingredients as labelled..~ hihi ^^

1) u have to ensure that the chapati is well-cooked (just follow the instructions at the back of the wrapper, it's easy..well..it is INSTANT..~ so basicly..u won't have any problem regarding that matter) ^^
2) spread an amount of kimchi on top of the chapati and a little bit of fried fish fillet..~ (as u wish to be exact)
3) roll it!!


your Chapati Kimchi Roll is ready to be eaten!


1904's lalala: back to normal..~ I guess..~ la la la~~~


Ayu~Emma said... Reply To This Comment

wah..nmpk sedap..looks like tacos ^^

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


mmg sdap pon eonnie~ :>

Nurzahira said... Reply To This Comment

good to hear dat..hahaha

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


thanks for ur concern, dear..~