Hello!! Hello!!

hope all of you are happy and healthy..~~

I just had a great day today..~~
doing some make over for my friend and her sister..~ hihihi!!
we were planning to do some outdoor K-pop photoshoot~~
but then..the plan changed and instead of doing outdoor photoshoot..
we ended up doing the photoshoot at my house!
I did the make up and also as the photographer~

some of the pics in one frame..~ :)

this is our first trial..!
next time we'll do it again!
for sure!!

and in the evening..
went to swimming pool..
waahh.!!! super refreshing after swimming!
enjoying myself underwater..~~
started with front crawl 10 laps and then breast stroke 10 laps~~

I was craving for burger..
but then..
I was super disappointed for the second time!

and instead of having burger for dinner...
I have this~~

my mom's soup..
at first..~~


a lil bit of rice and kimchi!!

that's all for now..~~


1904's lalala: should start watching JGS other dramas..~ :) Beethoven virus and You're Beautiful are in my list..!


elly_yana27 said... Reply To This Comment

nak mee suahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

tcerHana said... Reply To This Comment

weeyyyy tak ajak photoshoot! majok!
btw, tu sham ka? laen sunggoh dh! hebat make over ang! nice job ;)

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


tu bukan mee suah la wei..sup besa2 ja..~~hg kn da reti masak mee suah..~

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


mmg saja xmo ajak hg..nk bg hg jeles..~~ :P

haha..! ha'ah..tu sham ngn adik dia..~~

well..kan ak da ckp..pasni ak amik cas sapa2 nk make-up..


tcerHana said... Reply To This Comment

ggrrrr! siyes jelez! ;P
waaa hebat ang lani noo..kt ak nt ang charge sehingget dh la noo..ekeke

[MiSs1904] said... Reply To This Comment


cas seringget..??? boleh...boleh buh eye liner sebelah ja..~~len2 hg bt sndiri.. :P